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We will like to find out the cost, availability and ability of you company to supply us with the following base oils : 1. LVI BASE OIL - CYLINDER 2. HVI BASE OIL - 100 NEUTRAL 3. HVI BASE OIL - 250 NEUTRAL 4. LVI BASE ...

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Global Naphthenic base oil market is expected to expand exponentially in the near future

Naphthenic Base Oil Market Base oil is a lubricating oil produced by refining crude oil (known as mineral base oil) or through chemical synthesis (known as synthetic base oil). It exhibits a boiling point within the range of 500°F to 1050°F and co ...

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Napthenic Base Oils of USA being used as a speciality products having a bright future lies ahead.

Base Oil Report: As per reports and information from ours sources,Base Oils Napthenic of USA have been a speciality products and a bright future lies ahead.Reportedly,Exxon and Shell were the largest transformer oil suppliers,while Sun Oil Co.was domina ...

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Base Oil Prices in US, Europe, Russia, etc props up, Indian Oil PSU,S keeps price unchanged effective Sept 15,2009:

Base Oil Report: Base Oil prices in US, is slowly inching upwards particularly Napthenic grades wth Ergon hiking thier postings for all the grades while Cross Oil hiked their postings for their PALE - 500 to 2000 due to renewed demand and tight availab ...

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