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Indian Oil Corporation Imported 20,000 tons of Group I & II Base Oils from Saudi Arabia and South Korea in Sept 2018

Indian State Oil PSU IOC procures huge quantity of Group I & II Base Oil from Saudi Arabia and South Korea in Sept 2018. Indian Oil Corporation Ltd procured 22587 MT of Base Oil during the month of September 2018, which comprises 4116 MT of Base ...

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Re-refined Base Oil Market to Benefit from Increased Global Uptake of 2018 – 2026

Lubricants are imperative for smooth functioning and operation of mechanical devices and equipment. Several lubricants are used in the industrial and automotive applications, namely engine oils, transmission oils, gear oils, transformer oils, and turbin ...

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Base Oil Group III Exports from ADNOC and BAPCO prices have marginally been marked up.

Base Oil Group III Exports from ADNOC and BAPCO prices have marginally been marked up.Huge quantity is expected to be shipped to India. Prices for 4 & 6 cST are oscillating in the range of USD 800 - 835 FOB Abu Dhabi & Bahrain. As per report ...

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Indian refiner BPCL’s Base Oil Group II production increased by 3% YOY to 262,000 MT at it's Mumbai Refinery.

As per Reports, Indian State Oil PSU, Bharat Petroleum Corp. Ltd.’s lube sales rose 9.2 percent in fiscal year 2017-2018 due to retail network expansion and growth in exports. BPCL’s lubricant sales totaled 320,000 metric tons for the 12 month ...

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Base Oil Group I,II & III prices marginally up in Asian market.

Base Oil Group I Ex Singapore prices for SN -150/500/Bright Stock is oscillating in the range of USD 750 - 765/830 - 850/920 - 935 per MT respectively. While Group II 150 N was offered at USD 795 - 820 and 500 N at 870 - 895 per MT ex singapore. In the ...

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Pertamina plans increased base oil exports and will meet Aramco on revitalization of the Cilacap oil refinery in Indonesia

State-owned oil and gas holding company Pertamina president director Nicke Widyawati has said the company will continue its negotiations with the management of Saudi Aramco on the fate of the revitalization of oil refinery facilities in Cilacap, Central ...

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India imported 250,000 MT of Group I, II and III Base Oils in July with lighter grades making up 60% of the total

India imported roughly 259067 MT of Base Oil in the month of July 2018, which comprises 158523 MT (61%) of Base Oil N-60/70/TOBS/SN-70/SN-90/HVI, 33742 MT (13%) of SN-500/AP CORE 600/SN-400, 28495 MT (11%) of J-150/N-100/N-150/N-250, 15545 MT (6%) of J- ...

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African engine oil market is also expanding due to the availabiity of ‘high performance’ raw materials, like group II and III base stocks.

African engine oil market is also expanding due to the availability of ‘high performance’ raw materials, like group II and III base stocks. Base oil production was over 51% in the recent past. Of this, some was imported, while around 20% completed u ...

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Global Naphthenic base oil market is projected to become worth US$2,605.7 mn by 2025 end increasing from US$1,640.4 mn in 2016 at a CAGR of 5.3%

The global Naphthenic base oil market is rising moderately in the recent years and going forward it is likely to progress this way. The growth of the naphthenic base oil market is primarily attributed to the favorable physical properties of naphthenic b ...

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Excel Paralubes Announces Impressive Enhancements To Pure Performance 110N And 225N

Excel Paralubes, a leading producer of premium-quality Group II base oils, announced today significant specification upgrades to their Pure Performance® 110N and 225N base oils. These products now offer some of the lowest volatility and cold temperatu ...

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